Activities at Havelock

Lacadives, the pioneer of scuba diving in India, brings 25 years of diving expertise and passion to your doorstep is now at Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa. These activities here offered by Lacadives can blow away an advanced diver and yet humble and encourage a new diver.


Introduction to SCUBA Diving
Take a peek into the underwater world with a one-time dive experience where you shall be under close supervision of a dive professional, who will kit you up and take you for a guided tour of a beautiful dive site!


The Discover SCUBA Diving Experience
This is the world’s most popular introduction to diving. If you want to give SCUBA diving a go but are unsure about committing to a full certification course, then sign up for a DSD. This entry-level program gives you the chance to experience being and breathing underwater. So sign up for a DSD and experience the sensation of weightlessness that other divers can’t get enough of!


Fun Dives
If you are a certified SCUBA diver and are looking to flex those diving muscles, we have a number of exquisite dive sites in Chidiya Tapu that are suitable for all levels – from a shallow house reef at Fish Point (with an artificial reef!) to a deep wreck and a rocky reef with a strong drift. We also have some enigmatic sites in Havelock enough to get an Open Water Diver to upgrade to an Advanced Open Water Certification!


Our dive centers in Havelock are located in the middle or near lush green forests which makes bird watching an ideal activity for both kids and grown ups alike. The best time to undertake this activity is at sunrise and sunset. The lush verdant canopy of tall tropical trees attracts all kinds of beautiful birds that are painted in vivid hues like the rainbow and who sing melodies that you’ll hum long after they’ve flown far away.


Whether you are an avid hiker or someone just looking for a stroll, these enchanting forests will leave you spellbound. Our naturalist leads this walk through the woodlands starting from our very own backyard. Stare in wonder at trees as tall as buildings and discover strange creatures camouflaged in the lush foliage. These forests will remain with you long after you have left this mystical land.


This is one of our best sellers, and rightly so because it is the perfect family activity to captivate those who are not diving and show them a glimpse of the wonders that exist under the surface of the sea. This area has a lot of critters, crustaceans, slugs, Christmas tree worms, and sometimes even juvenile fish in the pools. Be prepared to be mesmerized during this walk.


Mangroves are found in abundance on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Mangrove walk is a great way to explore this ecosystem and to learn how these trees grow with their roots coming out of the saline water. Get your feet wet as you explore the various benefits of the mangroves along with witnessing some up close shallow underwater action!


Sunset Cruise
Soak in the setting sun with its majestic hues which shall captivate you. Spend time surrounded by the meditative calm of the vast sea as you escape the cacophonous bustle of your urban existence. Our sunset cruise usually begins around 04.30 pm and lasts an hour. So be ready with your cameras to capture your next display picture!



PADI Courses
PADI course provides you with an internationally recognized license to dive anywhere in the world.

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