Symphony Resort’s Journey So Far

two people in a boat with the evening sky in the background

Welcome to Symphony Resorts - the ultimate paradise for travellers, seeking out to discover the symphony of nature, sky, seas and everything around. Established in 1993, Symphony Resort is a family-run chain of resorts. The resorts are based on islands in Andaman like Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island, that have small villages with a low population.

Our services are catered towards a wholesome experience, allowing you to involve all your senses and tune-up with the symphony of mother nature. Get an opportunity to traverse this scenic land of the Gods known as "Handuman" (now called as "Andaman"). Revisit the corridors of the British Era colonisation, Columbus (the explorer), Japan occupancy during World War 2 and the rare indigenous Sentinelese people.

The management of Symphony Resorts has been able to turn unskilled manpower into skilled resources, using regular training & hygiene sessions. They also believe in overlooking human resource management themselves and interacting with all employees personally, ensuring both - personal and professional development. The chain is currently led by two brothers under the able guidance of their mother, Rani Kamal.

The elder of the two brothers, Mr. Tanveer Singh, was raised on the Andaman Islands and has been constantly involved in the hospitality industry. After completing his undergraduate studies in Finance from Pennsylvania State University, Tanveer went on to pursue a Masters in Hospitality from the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland. He leads the vision and development for Symphony Resorts. The younger brother, Jaikar Singh, was also raised on the Andamans and pursued his higher education from the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management as well, specializing in Health & Spa.

The family operates two brands - Symphony Resorts and Singhotel Hospitality

Inspired by their immense love for pets, the family also started projects like - 'TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts' and 'Pets Will', based in Delhi-NCR. These projects focus on the well being of pets and pet products.

Thus, this family-run chain of resorts has been successful in imprinting their hospitality experiences on the islands, and also in making the Andamans a memorable experience for everyone visiting the islands for the past 26 years.

Blend into nature with us and be a part of the symphony of Andaman Islands, only at Symphony Resorts. We have been extending our hospitality to travellers for over 4 generations now. Come, discover and rejoice in the happy and Godly symphony of Andaman island.

Let Symphony Resorts help you recognise yourself and your symphony.