A Magical Evening: Candle Light Dinner in Havelock

A candlelight dinner, a timeless expression of love and intimacy, elevates dining to a cherished experience. The soft glow of candlelight creates an enchanting ambience, casting a romantic spell that transcends ordinary moments. For couples seeking to celebrate love, candle light dinner at Havelock Island are the epitome of romantic dining, capturing the essence of togetherness in a magical setting.

Why Choose a Candlelight Dinner

Candlelight dinners are cherished for their intimate and cosy atmosphere. The soft flicker of candles casts a warm glow, fostering an environment that encourages heartfelt conversations and shared moments. Couples are drawn to the simplicity and elegance of candlelit settings, creating an ideal backdrop for special occasions or simply expressing love in a quiet, romantic setting.

many candles lit and kept on a table with a dried flower next to it

Enchanting Settings for Candlelight Dinners

many candles lit and kept on a table around a vase with flowers and a backdrop of the city skyline


Rooftop Retreat

Dine amidst the stars on a rooftop overlooking the city lights or serene landscapes. The elevated setting enhances the sense of privacy, creating a magical experience under the open sky.

a candle inside a lamp with a lake and the evening sky in the background


Lakeside Romance

Picture a secluded lakeside table adorned with candles, reflecting in the tranquil waters. Lakeside candlelight dinners exude tranquillity, offering an escape to a romantic haven.

A rug kept on the beach with many items on it like pillows, food items, drinks and candles


Beachside Bliss

Sink your toes into the sand as you dine by the beach. The sound of the waves, the gentle sea breeze, and the soft glow of candles create a beachside paradise for couples on their beach side candle light dinner in Havelock.

Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa, Havelock

Indulge in the ultimate romantic getaway at Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa in Havelock. The resort provides a range of options to suit every couple's preferences, with four types of accommodations, from cosy rooms to luxurious suites. The resort invites guests to savour diverse culinary delights at its three exquisite restaurants and bars.

The resort's spa ensures relaxation and rejuvenation, while the assistance with water activities enhances the island experience. Symphony Palms is not just a destination; it's an idyllic haven for couples seeking a perfect blend of romance, luxury and natural beauty in the heart of Havelock.