A Fairytale Honeymoon in Havelock Island

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Looking for an adventurous honeymoon? Havelock Island, with its dreamy, white-sand beaches and exciting water sports, has everything you would look for in a destination to spend a fairy tale-like honeymoon at. Listed below are a few ideas you can consider while planning your trip to this haven.

Thanks to the moderate temperatures that the Andaman and Nicobar Islands see throughout the year, Havelock is ideal for visits all year round. Nevertheless, the most ideal time to visit is considered to be between October to May. You will be greeted by pleasant sunshine complemented by minimal rain, which will not hamper any plans for adventure sports!

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Things to do in Havelock



Scuba Diving

Put on your oxygen masks and delve deep into the mysterious underwater world. Scuba diving is by far one of the most popular adventure activities you can try out as a couple. At any reputed centre, you will be given some basic training where you will learn tricks to communicate underwater and other technicalities required for a memorable and safe experience. You can then dive into the blues under the guidance of your trainer and marvel at an entire world full of vividly coloured fishes and fascinating corals.


Havelock is home to a large part of India’s mangrove cover. This area is dotted with beautiful mangrove trees and tranquil waters which are perfect for a kayaking trip downstream. Hop onto a two or three-seater and explore the surrounding areas of the island that are teeming with several indeginous species of wildlife. Kayaking through these areas at night gives you the most other-worldly experience. As you cruise through the waters, bewildering lights caused by the phenomenon of bioluminescence greet you, making for truly mesmerising sights.

Places to Visit


Radhanagar Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Andaman, Radhanagar Beach, is a serene destination that graces its visitors with mind-blowing views of the crystal clear blue water encroaching on the silky white sand. Whether you want to relax in a shack, take a dip in the ocean or treat your eyes to mesmerizing sunsets, this is the place to be.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is a major attraction that embodies the philosophy - ‘the journey is as important as the destination. Located in the northern parts of Havelock, this beach is separated by a dense tropical jungle, making it accessible only by a boat ride, or a trek through the jungle. This secluded beach offers a number of water sport activities as well as an undisturbed and private experience in the lap of nature.


Unwind amidst luxury at Symphony Palms


Owing to the several luxurious facilities and amenities, Symphony Palms is perhaps the best honeymoon beach resort. Havelock, not unlike other beachside destinations, has a fair number of beautiful coastline stretches that are dotted with pleasant beaches. At Symphony Palms Resort & Spa, you get exclusive access to your own private beach. You can choose to spend your day at a romantic picnic with your partner by the calming tides. Arrangements can be made for such picnics on demand. Trained professionals will set out the perfect picnic basket with the choicest delicacies and the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

You can also opt for a charming candlelit dinner on the shores, right under the starry skies! The resort is designed to accommodate this requirement as well. We also offer an exclusive Havelock honeymoon package to our guests so that you can get at the best prices without having to compromise on the quality of your accommodation or hospitality.