Must Visit Waterfalls in Andaman

Andaman Islands is a paradise for travellers looking for breathtaking views, serene beaches, and adventure activities. However, the archipelago is also home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls that are sure to leave you spellbound. The waterfalls in Andaman are the perfect retreat from the tropical heat and provide a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for everyone. If you're looking for fun-filled experiences at waterfalls, look no further than the cascading Panchavati Waterfalls in Rangat, the serene White Surf Waterfall in Little Andaman, or the mesmerizing Wimberly Gunj Waterfall. These are just a few of the many must visit waterfalls in Andaman that will take your breath away. So, plan your next vacation to Symphony Resorts, our hotel located near some of the most stunning waterfalls in Andaman.

a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery

Panchavati Waterfalls, Rangat

Tucked away in the dense forests of Rangat, Panchavati Waterfalls is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 30 meters, and the sound of the gushing water can be heard from a distance. You can take a dip in the refreshing pool at the base of the waterfall or take a short hike to reach the top for panoramic views of the surrounding forest. After a day of adventure, tourists can unwind and relax at Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort And Spa, which is located just a short distance away from Panchavati Waterfalls.

Wimberly Gunj Waterfalls, Port Blair

Nestled deep within the verdant forests of Andaman, Wimberly Gunj Waterfall is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. To get there, you'll need to cross the downstream of the river and follow a narrow footpath that winds through the lush forest. The trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding flora and fauna, and you can experience the thrill of wading through ankle and knee-deep water. After navigating the stream crossings, you'll be rewarded with the stunning sight of the waterfall. A perfect spot to relax and recharge, the area around the waterfall offers ample space for sitting and a small lake deep enough for a short dip and to play. For your ultimate convenience, stay at Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort And Spa, located within easy reach of this breathtaking natural wonder.

a waterfall flowing over rocky cliffs

White Surf Waterfall, Little Andaman

White Surf Waterfall is a hidden gem located deep within the dense rainforests of Little Andaman, nearly seven kilometers from the Hut Bay town. The waterfall is situated in a dense forest, surrounded by lush greenery that creates a picturesque backdrop for tourists to enjoy. The cascading waters, along with the sounds of nature, make for a truly tranquil experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. At the waterfall, you can take a dip in the refreshing pool, surrounded by the soothing sound of the falling water. It's the perfect place to cool off after a long trek or simply relax and soak in the beauty of nature.

Krishna Nala Waterfall, Little Andaman

Krishna Nala Waterfalls is a stunning natural wonder located in Little Andaman Island. This hidden gem is one of the best waterfalls in Andaman which offers breathtaking beauty and serene ambiance. To reach the waterfall is a bit hard, so it's best to hire a local tourist guide who can provide assistance and ensure you make it safely to the site. You can ride a scooter up to the end of the road, and from there, it's a 30-minute trek to reach the waterfall. Another vital point to note is that it is not advisable for tourists to explore the jungle alone, as many have lost their way in the past. So, if you're up for an adventure and want to explore the breathtaking Andaman waterfalls, Krishna Nala Waterfalls is definitely worth a visit!

a waterfall amidst a dense forest

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