Trekking in Andaman

a boat on a white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear water and coconut trees

Andaman, celebrated for its nature and wildlife, is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Filled with exotic flora and thrilling trekking paths, the island is a treat for all. It is home to a range of invigorating activities, and one such is trekking in Andaman. The many winding paths will keep your legs active and your eyes mesmerised by the hidden views of Andaman.

Mount Harriet - Madhuban

The trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban is a picturesque path. The view that it offers makes the journey even more interesting. The path will greet you with scenic viewpoints, animals like deer and exotic species of plants. As you walk uphill, keep a pair of binoculars and a camera ready to capture the enamouring scenery. On your trek, make sure to carry snacks and water bottles as you might need to replenish yourself. The trail is considered quite challenging, so ensure to be ready and take the help of a guide. On your eye-opening adventure, make sure to take a break and recharge your soul at the luxurious Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort and Spa. The resort offers a wide range of experiences, including the popular Munda Pahar trekking. Andaman Islands is full of surprises, and this resort lets you experience all of them!

a girl with a backpack going for a trek
backpacks kept on rocks

Chidiya Tapu – Black Mountain

One of the most celebrated trekking trails, Chidiya Tapu is adorned with brilliant views of the beach. People mostly are drawn to this location to witness the marvellous sunsets and the splendid Munda Pahad Viewpoint Trek. Unlike the trek offered by Mount Harriet, the trek at Chidiya Tapu is considerably more comfortable, making it more fun than a challenging activity. As you walk through the meandering paths, you will come across trees labelled with their scientific names. It is a great way to learn about the native flora species as well as explore the views that are hidden away! However, do not forget to carry enough water and finger foods to keep yourself energised for the trek.

Baratang – Limestone Caves

The popular Baratang trek is characterized by the incredible ancient Limestone Caves. Trekkers and adventure lovers take this path to lay their eyes on the exquisite million-year-old caves. The caves are beautifully decorated with stalagmites that protrude from the caves’ floors. This stunning creation of nature is a worthwhile experience that will leave you in awe! As you begin your journey from Baratang, you will cross a mangrove forest and a paddy field. Here, you can take a break and click a few pictures of the striking views. The best time to set foot on this adventurous activity is during the months between November and February.

water entering a cave by means of a waterfall
view of the sea at Elephant Beach with green trees on one side

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is one of the most popular destinations that offer a fabulous opportunity for trekking in Havelock. The calming ambience paired with crystal clear water makes the spot alluring to locals and tourists alike. Being nestled in a secluded area of northern Swaraj Dweep, the beach can be easily accessible via a boat or trekking. Covered with greenery and towering trees, the location of the beach is truly paradisiacal. From the Havelock Jetty, the trekking path is located at a distance of 8.6 km. The trek is a 2 km trail that will keep you enchanted all the way. The trek is suitable for both beginners and professionals, making it open for all to bask in the beauty of the trek! 

As you partake in this adrenaline-boosting adventure, you will definitely need a comfortable place to rest and indulge in a goodnight's sleep. Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa, a luxury resort offers the perfect room to achieve just that! The resort also offers a range of life-altering activities that are guaranteed to give you a lifetime of memories!

Apart from the many trekking trails found in Havelock and Port Blair, Neil Island also offers a range of jungle trails that you can experience. Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort and Spa offers well-trained professionals who can assist you with trekking trails and guide you. Some of the treks that you can try experimenting with are Saddle Peak and Alfred Caves. Apart from treks, the resort provides a range of facilities - scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing and candlelight dinners.