Planning an Adventurous Honeymoon

Aerial view of parasailing

The hectic schedule of a wedding for the couple is unimaginable. The rituals, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and greeting people can get overwhelming. Once all the functions are complete, some couples want to go to a secluded place and rest away to get away from the crowd. The rare ones or rather twos, want to let loose by trying audacious and pulsating activities.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands have a lot to offer for both seclusion and adventure. The islands are among the Union Territories of India - a total of 527 islands make up this pristine archipelago. These enticing islands offer tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches and mangroves. Each island has something exceptional to offer.

In the past few years, couples have been living out unforgettable adventurous honeymoon ideas in Andaman and Nicobar Islands as they are home to some of the best trekking sites and water sports activities in the world.

Banana Boat Rides in Havelock Island

One of the best honeymoon ideas for outdoorsy couple is going on a banana boat ride. The ride has everything to offer for the fearless couple, the jumps, the speed and the balance you need to keep to not fall into the ocean. These rides are safe as you’ll get a life jacket, a harness to hold on to on the boat and a lifeguard accompanying you.

Aerial view of a banana boat
couple looking at a sunset

Trekking in Port Blair

Trekking in Mount Harriet National Park is one of the different honeymoon ideas for adventurous couples. The trek is 16 km long and starts from Mount Harriet and ends in Madhuban. On this trek, you can hold hands with your better half and walk through lush greens while looking at indigenous species of birds, plants and insects. Reach the highest point in the Andaman Islands and get mesmerised by the picturesque views.

Scuba Diving in Neil Island

Open your world to the possibility of an experience so pleasing that it can be etched in your memory, and scuba diving with your loved one will be a souvenir you can share together. A popular activity on the Islands, scuba diving gives you enchanting views of the underwater world. Get up close and personal with the marine life, look at beautiful corals, and if you are fortunate, you get to witness a turtle or a dugong swimming alongside you.

Couple scuba diving
Couple Parasailing

Parasailing in Port Blair

This adventure can be a very intimate affair. You are attached to a parachute through a harness and pulled by a boat from a height of over 300 feet while soaking in the brilliant views of the sea and coastline. Having your spouse close to you can calm your nerves and help you enjoy this moment.

If you’re visiting the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, consider staying in one of Symphony’s resorts. The resorts in Port Blair, Neil Island and Havelock Island have spectacular views, plush accommodations, luxurious amenities and adventure activities that’ll bring out the daredevil in you!