Surfing in Havelock Island

Unlike the other parts of Andaman and Nicobar, Havelock Island is not known for its surfing waves unless it is during the monsoon season. A day spent surfing in Havelock Island might be just the activity you need to indulge in. 

The Rising Popularity of Surfing

Several surfers around the world are now gravitating to the Indian coastline due to the recent rise in popularity of this water sport. With a plethora of surfing schools teaching the sport India has been experiencing a demand for waves for experienced surfers and surfing at Havelock Island is just the right sport.

two people swimming at a beach

Condition Check 

It is to be kept in mind that Havelock Island is not a place for beginner surfers and should be left only for the experts. The North Bay of Havelock Island has the perfect intensity of breaks and reefs for someone seeking a challenge.

Precaution First

Before you head out with your surfboard for a good surfing session be mindful of the fact the months except for the monsoon months will not give you the thrill you are chasing after. It is only during the monsoon season that the waves set out a plethora of challenges for the seasoned surfers. The waves might reach a height of eight feet and should not be tackled by beginners. With the presence of heavy rainfall and strong monsoon winds, it is best to surf under the guidance of a trainer keeping your safety in mind.


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