Offbeat Things To Do in Havelock

Dive into the lesser-known wonders of Havelock with our guide! From fishing to exhilarating hikes, discover offbeat adventures waiting to be explored. Uncover hidden cultural traditions and vibrant coral reefs, then relax in luxury at our hotel. Start your offbeat journey now!

Fishing in Havelock

Embark on a unique fishing adventure off the shores of Havelock, departing from the usual tourist paths. Join local fishermen aboard traditional boats as they navigate to prime fishing spots abundant with diverse marine life. Whether targeting barracuda, snapper, or the elusive marlin, the excitement of landing your catch against the picturesque backdrop of Havelock's coastline is an unforgettable experience. And, ultimately, relish the satisfaction of enjoying your freshly caught fish, seasoned with local spices and brimming with the flavours of the sea.

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Hiking in Havelock Island

Prepare for an immersive journey through diverse landscapes, from dense rainforests to secluded beaches, connected by exhilarating trails. Step into the island's history on the Kalapathar Beach Trek, a moderate route weaving through lush forests, echoing stories of the past. Arrive at the pristine shores of Kalapathar Beach, an untouched oasis free from crowds, where time seems to stand still. Delve into the mysteries of the mangrove ecosystem on the Mangrove Forest Trek, commencing from Kalapathar village. This trail offers a glimpse into a vibrant world brimming with life, where you can observe mudskippers, fiddler crabs and an array of bird species amidst a network of intricate waterways.

Cultural Immersion

Explore remote villages, veering off the tourist trail to uncover their authentic charm. Observe the meticulous craft of seashell jewellery-making, a skill inherited over generations, or witness the artistry of basket weaving using indigenous fibres, each piece carrying echoes of the island's past. Delight your palate with a culinary journey beyond typical beach fare. Savour dishes like crab curries infused with coconut milk and turmeric, or indulge in the subtle sweetness of pineapple fritters, all complemented by refreshing coconut water.

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Explore the captivating underwater realm just off the coast of Havelock, where unspoiled coral reefs beckon for discovery. Whether equipped with snorkelling or scuba diving gear, prepare to encounter an abundance of marine life, from vibrant fish to graceful sea turtles and a plethora of other captivating creatures. Elephant Beach, perfect for beginners, offers shallow waters and gentle currents bustling with vibrant fish amid lively coral reefs. Maximise your experience by joining a guided tour, where experienced instructors will enhance your understanding of the local marine ecosystem, unveil hidden wonders and ensure your safety underwater.

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