Indulge in a Unique New Year Celebration In Andaman

Aerial view of a banana boat

Andamans, the picturesque island on the southeastern edge of the Bay of Bengal, is the perfect island getaway for a jolly Christmas and New Year celebration. These islands feature blue waters and white sandy beaches. Whichever island you choose, Port Blair, Neil Island or Havelock, you have plenty of opportunities to celebrate this festive season in style. From the picture-perfect landscape to thriving marine life, Andamans is a dream destination for nature lovers and marine enthusiasts. If you are looking for the best place to celebrate Christmas and New Year, look no further.

If you prefer outdoor celebrations in scenic spots, one of the best options is a beach. Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort and Spa is conveniently located near several beaches. Ram Nagar beach is right in front of our resort! It has beautiful shimmering white sand infused with palm trees and an S-shaped coral reef. The beach is an excellent location as you can have a great time swimming or snorkelling and head back to our resort to rest for the night. Sitapur beach is a short walk away from our resort. The beach is popular for its exquisite sunrise views and is often called Sunrise Beach at Neil Island. It has two curved bays and crystal-clear waters, which adds to the allure.
Bharatpur beach is perhaps the most prominent beach on the islands. It is situated close to the jetty, making it easily accessible for people travelling from afar. These waters are commonly utilised for a variety of recreational water sports activities. Banana boat rides, scuba diving, glass bottom boating, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing and jet skiing are some of the best experiences offered here. You could celebrate New Year surrounded by the rich biodiversity of the Andaman Islands! Imagine swimming with shoals of clown fish, coral trouts and king mackerels as you discover a world unknown to you. It is truly a unique way to celebrate New Year’s. Bharatpur beach is only 3.4 km from our resort on Neil Island.

Just like Sitapur beach is known for its sunrise views, Laxmanpur beach is known for its breathtaking sunset views. The setting sun bestows a dazzling variety of colours on the waters, making it look like a surreal painting. It is perfect for casual trips where you can walk on the seashore without slippers. The sand here is free of shells and dead corals, making it a comfortable surface for a leisurely stroll. It is just 4.8 km from Symphony Summer Sands Beach Resort and Spa. Thanks to the surplus of beaches, you could have a unique Andaman New Year celebration.

A person scuba diving underwater
many people walking on beach with trees in the background

If you prefer to celebrate the new year in Andaman indoors, head on to our resort in Neil Island, where you can host the grandest parties! We have banquet facilities ranging from party lawns to grand ballrooms. All our event venues are equipped with contemporary amenities such as audio-visual equipment and overhead projectors to ensure the smooth functioning of the event. We even host beach parties, candlelight dinners and stargazing sessions, making your New Year’s a unique and memorable experience. We offer five types of villas and suites that proffer a restful stay.

Dining arrangement at the banquet hall on a round table seating - Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort And Spa, Neil island
The elegant dining arrangement at Organikhaa restaurant - Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort And Spa, Neil island

For the New Year celebration in Port Blair, you could check out Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort and Spa offering luxurious accommodations at an optimal location, it is a strong contender for the best Christmas and New Year’s destination in Andamans. Do you fancy having your New Year party in Havelock? We have your back! Our resort in Havelock, Symphony Palms Beach Resort and Spa proffers a unique stay experience on the exotic island, offering four types of cottages and suites, and ensuring you get an idyllic vacation tucked away in the lap of nature. The Havelock resort is lodged near dazzling beaches adding charm to your holiday experience. You could read about the Best Scuba Diving Spots in Andaman to learn more about this exciting activity that you should definitely try! All our resorts offer scuba diving as an unmissable experience for anyone visiting Andaman.