Best Time to Visit Port Blair

Coral reefs, scenic beaches and rich history await at Port Blair. If you have always wondered about what the best season to visit Port Blair would be this article is the ultimate guide for your travel plans.

Peak Season

Port Blair experiences two seasons, wet and dry months. The dry months from October to May are when this coastal haven experiences the most footfall and rightfully so. October to February is when the capital is flocked by tourists strolling around in the lanes of the island, chilling on the beaches or kayaking in the turquoise water, making it the best time to go Port Blair. This season is also a popular choice for it is the best time to view the gorgeous coral reefs the island boasts. Imagine the chance to see turtles swimming by and shoals of fish around you during your underwater adventure.

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a wooden bridge amongst a cover of trees

Monsoon in Port Blair 

If the idea of experiencing the monsoon season in a coastal area excites you, check out Port Blair. This wet season is perfect for those on a budget and the rain is not much of a bother to your overall experience. Travelling around the islands might prove to be a challenge but relaxing in a beautiful room in a coastal area is just the relaxation you need. 

Shoulder Time 

Dry months are the best couple of months to go to Port Blair and one might just be able to pull this off without the peak season charges. The hack to this? Visit from March to May. Albeit it has warmer temperatures around this time if a little sweat does not bother you, the peak season charges will not charge a hole down your pocket. The months are also well suited for water activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

an image of the pristine Neil Island showcasing the powdery sand beach

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