Water Sports in Neil Island

Known as Shaheed Dweep, Neil Island is celebrated for its pristine, laid-back beaches and stunning coral reefs. Head to the island for an enjoyable afternoon and take advantage of the various water sports available there.

Snorkelling for Underwater Garden

Snorkelling is the best way to watch a plethora of aquatic life in the waters of Neil Island without the certification required for scuba diving. The island offers beautiful coral reefs for both beginners and advanced snorkelers with options ranging from shallow water to boat trips to off-shore reefs. Ensure that you are practising ethical snorkelling and enjoy the underwater garden that awaits you.

Coral reef with fishes swimming around it
Couple scuba diving

Scuba Diving for an Immersive Experience 

Swim amongst colourful coral reefs, a variety of fishes, stingrays and sharks when scuba diving on Neil Island. Under the guidance of experts scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities in Neil Island and should not be missed out on. 

A Ride on Turquoise Water: Jet-Skiing 

Experience an unparalleled thrill by riding a jet-ski on Neil Island's waters, where the sensation of wind whipping through your hair on the open water is incomparable. Jet skis are available nearly year-round at locations like Bharatpur Beach and Neil Island water sports complexes.

Person jet skiing and cutting through waters
a brown coloured turtle swimming underwater

An Activity for all Ages: Glass Bottom Boat ride 

A unique activity on Neil Island is the glass-bottom boat ride, which features a transparent floor made of acrylic or glass, allowing passengers to view the underwater world comfortably and safely. This activity, perfect for all ages and requiring no physical effort, offers sights of coral reefs, fish, dolphins, and turtles.

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