Sports Activities in Andaman: Where the Adventure Awaits

Dive into the wild adventure scene in the mesmerizing Andaman Islands. This place is a thrill-seeker's paradise, packed with activities that'll leave you breathless and wanting more.

Feel the Sky with Parasailing

Picture this – you're lifted into the air, wind tousling your hair as you float over turquoise waters. Parasailing is a ride like no other adventure sport in Andaman. You rise, and below you, hidden coves, green islands, and the vast ocean unfold. It's a moment of pure freedom, making you feel unstoppable and totally in sync with nature. If you need an unforgettable experience with parasailing, Andaman is your go-to.

Couple Parasailing
a person doing scuba diving, one of the best things to do in Havelock 2

Explore the Deep with Scuba Diving:

If you're into underwater adventures, scuba diving in Andaman is a game-changer. The coral reefs here are alive – colourful fish, playful dolphins, and even sharks and sea turtles. Dive into shipwrecks and underwater caves, discovering a world full of mystery. Swim alongside schools of fish and meet gentle giants like sea turtles and manta rays.

Snorkel in the Coral Gardens:

If scuba diving sounds too deep, grab your snorkel and dive into a different kind of underwater spectacle. Shallow reefs around the islands are alive with vibrant coral and fish. Glide through a living aquarium surrounded by marine life. Swim beside colourful fish, marvel at seashell patterns, and explore the diverse underwater world. Adventure sports in Andaman wouldn't be worth it if you didn't get to the exotic marine life, a beauty that can not be described in words.

a person showing double thumbs up while snorkelling
silhouettes of two adults and a child on a boat rowing to reach a destination

Kayak for a Chill Adventure:

For a laid-back island experience, kayaking is the way to go. Paddle through mangroves, find hidden coves, and discover quiet beaches. Enjoy the calm and soak in the natural beauty. It's a perfect way to relax, connect with nature, and make memories.

More Adventures Await:

Other sports activities in Andaman include jet-skiing, banana boat rides, sea walking, and game fishing. The Andaman Islands offer a range of adventure sports. Each activity gives a unique perspective on the islands' beauty and thrills.

a dolphin playfully jumping out of the ocean with sunshine sparkling on the water
Swimming pool at Symphony hotel in Neil Island with a wooden bridge over it

Off the Beaten Path:

For those seeking unique experiences, Neil Island offers a stay at a resort with a pool highway. Yes, you heard it right! At Symphony Summer Sands, rooms are connected by a stunning pool, creating a one-of-a-kind resort experience. Picture swimming from your room to the restaurant or bar, soaking up the sun, and feeling those tropical island vibes.

What makes your stay epic:

Location: Right on the beach, offering stunning sea views and immediate access to water sports.

Unique pool highway: A first-of-its-kind concept, adding a fun and luxurious touch to your stay.

Adventure concierge: Dedicated folks to help you plan your dream adventure activities.

Watersports galore: From parasailing to snorkelling, the resort has it all.

Luxury amenities: Spa, pool, gym, and a range of restaurants and bars for all your needs.

drinks beside the pool at Waters Wet Bar - one of the best bars in Neil Island - Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort And Spa, Neil Island

Discover an unforgettable Andaman experience at Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort and Spa. Nestled on the unspoiled Neil Island, this luxurious retreat provides a variety of amenities and activities to satisfy all your desires. Whether you're unwinding in the infinity pool with panoramic views, in your room just chilling, treating yourself to a revitalising spa session, or just soaking up the sun on the immaculate beach, this resort is the ideal sanctuary for an extraordinary getaway with exciting offers! After you thrive on water sports, Andaman has several offbeat places to be discovered. Read here to know more!