Best Places for Sunset and Sunrise in Havelock

Havelock Island, a treasure in the Andaman Sea, is acclaimed not only for its exquisite beaches but also for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This guide will help you fully experience the splendour of both sunrise and sunset in Havelock.

Vijay Nagar Beach

Sunrise at Vijayanagar Beach

Vijayanagar Beach, a top destination for tourists, promises a delightful journey with several modes of transportation. It’s advisable to rent a motorcycle or car the previous day if you're planning an early start from your hotel. If you prefer a walk to the beach, be mindful of the time of the sunrise. Enjoy the best sunrise in Havelock and have a picturesque experience at this beautiful beach.

Sunrise at Kala Pathar Beach

Experience a serene and uncrowded sunrise at Kala Pathar Beach. Simply rent a motorcycle or car the day before. Be mindful of the sunrise timing if your hotel is nearby and you prefer a leisurely walk to the beach. Many visitors opt to cycle to Kala Pathar Beach, a popular choice. Named in honour of the striking black rocks that adorn its shoreline, the beach creates a distinctive backdrop for the awe-inspiring sunrise at Havelock Island. It is a must-visit for those who appreciate the artistry of nature.

kaala Pathar Beach Image
govind nagar beach

Sunrise at Govind Nagar Beach

Govind Nagar Beach, within easy reach, is perfect for those nearby. Walking to the beach to catch the sunrise can be a serene experience. You can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and a great sunrise at this beach. Post-sunrise, the area is ideal for scuba diving and is known for its vibrant marine life, making it one of the best spots to explore underwater wonders.

Sunset at Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach, accessible by auto rickshaws, taxis or motorcycles, is renowned worldwide for its picturesque sunsets. This beach is the perfect venue for a peaceful evening, with chairs and huts for relaxation and dining options to enjoy with family as the sun sets. Food from outside is also allowed on this beach.

Sunset at Radhanagar Beach
Elephant Beach Image

Sunset at Elephant Beach

Nestled among coconut palms, Elephant Beach is an idyllic spot to savour the sunset in Havelock. Famous for its water sports, enjoy these activities before the sunset. Adventurers can also try snorkelling. The beach, accessible by various means, offers a spectacular view of the sunset, making it an ideal location for evening relaxation and photography.

Sunset at Neil’s Cove

Just north of Radhanagar Beach, Neil’s Cove is reachable via a short journey or walk. This secluded spot near a beautiful lagoon offers an intimate sunset experience with calm waters and a peaceful environment, perfect for ending the day.

Neil's cove

We've wrapped up our top choices for Havelock's sunrises and sunsets. Throughout this journey, you may encounter the inconvenience of travelling significant distances from your accommodation to these beaches.

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