A Perfect Andaman Itinerary for Families

With summer vacations right around the corner, you must be planning for a blissful getaway with your family and friends. A trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands is all you need to beat the heat and have a refreshing time. So, strap your bags and go on a trip to this mesmerising archipelago surrounded by the pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal. The islands are dotted with sandy beaches, diverse marine life and rich cultural heritage, offering a unique and memorable experience for your family. If you are an adventure enthusiast, it is a paradise for you. From water sports activities to exploring the island's natural wonders and historical landmarks, Andaman has a plethora of activities to offer.

To make your journey seamless and hassle-free we have one of the best Andaman family tour packages for you. Offered by Symphony Resorts, the Andaman Family Special package boasts an amazing itinerary that is perfect for families with children. From exploring the diverse wildlife to witnessing the stunning natural wonders, the 5 days and 6 nights package will ensure you have a memorable experience.

an image of a pristine beach surrounded by trees

Day 1 - 2

Begin your day one adventure with a trip to the Biological Park, where you can encounter exotic and endangered species such as saltwater crocodiles, barking deer, spotted deer and wild pigs. The dense forest is dotted with rich flora like Mahuas and Padauks, allowing you an invigorating time amidst the bliss of nature. Next, head to the breathtaking Mundapahad Beach to witness the mesmerising sunset from the meandering mangrove. It is home to a wide variety of vibrant birds. Relish the picturesque scenery of the enchanting seascape while sipping on a refreshing drink at the pool bar. At the end of the day, check in to our resort, Symphony Palms Beach Resort And Spa for a relaxing stay. On day two, take a scenic Makruzz ride to Havelock Island and bask on the beach during the day. As the day winds down, head to Radhanagar Beach to witness a spectacular sunset, followed by an exhilarating night kayaking experience to witness bioluminescence - a natural phenomenon where certain marine algae emit light, creating a captivating display that illuminates the shorelines.

people enjoying on a beach during daytime
a boat standing on the sea shore

Day 3 - 4

For day three, get ready for an adventure-packed day with your family. Introduce your kids to the exciting world of scuba diving in the morning or take a trip to Elephant Beach for watersports and snorkelling. In the second half of the day, head to Kala Patthar Beach and enjoy the stunning scenery before heading back to our resort for a special candlelight dinner on the beach. Start the fourth day with a delicious breakfast followed by a boat ride to Neil Island and check-in to Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort And Spa. This luxuriant resort is decked with opulent accommodations and excellent dining options. While you are on Neil Island, explore the natural wonders of the place by visiting the rock formation natural bridge and then indulge in some authentic local cuisine at a village café. As the evening sets in, head to Laxmanpur Beach known for its beautiful seascape. The white sand and the crystal-clear water glitter gorgeously under the setting sun, providing the perfect ending to the day.

Day 5 - 6

On day 5, sail back to Port Blair for the last leg of your trip. It is a haven for migratory birds and nature lovers. The thick verdant forest and the exotic coastline offer a stunning view. If you are looking for a stay, check out our luxury resort, Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort And Spa. After resting, explore the iconic landmarks of Andaman like Cellular Jail and Marina Park. Cellular Jail is a three-storeyed prison, established in 1906 by the British. This historical landmark is a testament to Indian freedom struggles and it is still considered as one of the most important patriotic edifices. Our next stop is Marina Park, a quaint little park located by the seashore. Dotted with several water sports and picturesque surroundings, it is ideal for you to spend some fun-filled time with your kids. Conclude your day with a scrumptious goodbye dinner prepared at the resort. The final day of your trip begins with a delicious breakfast, and then it's time to bid farewell to this stunning island paradise as you head to the airport.

exterior of Cellular Jail in Andaman

While planning a family trip to Andaman can be exciting, it's important to keep a few things in mind while preparing for the trip. To begin with, plan your itinerary well in advance, taking into consideration your family's interests and preferences. Also, ensure that your kids are well-protected from the tropical weather by packing comfortable clothing, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Don't forget to carry the necessary medications and first-aid supplies as well. It is important to opt for kid-friendly accommodations that prioritise safety measures. Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure a safe and enjoyable family vacation in Andaman.