Historic Sites to Visit in Andaman

Facade of the Cellular Jail and the road leading up to it

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are known for their picturesque coastal lines. Not only are they celebrated for their virgin beaches and white sands, but the islands are also quite popular to keep their historical prevalence alive through the establishment of several ancient monuments and historic sites. The Andaman and its many lush islands sport the remnants of them being a British naval base during colonial times. There is a multitude of tourist spots that represent the islands’ intriguing past. We have compiled a list of must-visit historic sites to visit in Andaman for you!

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Andaman’s most renowned spot is Kaala Paani, or as it is widely known, Cellular Jail Andaman. It is Andaman’s UNESCO world heritage site and a three-storeyed prison built in 1906 by the Britishers. Although it is now a National Memorial, back in the colonial days, this building witnessed inhumane horrors borne by its prisoners as a punishment. This tourist mascot, located at Atlanta Point in Port Blair, can be reached via public and private transportation. It is a living proof of India’s independence and is a pride amongst the Indians.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Island

This no-settlement island, also known as Ross Island, is a reminder of the bygone years of British rule. It houses ancient remnants and a museum called "Smritika" that interests history buffs. The museum preserves old photographs and other memorabilia of the Britishers, making it a must-visit destination. The island also includes the Chief Commissioner's house, ruins of a church, and a graveyard. It is 2 km from Port Blair and a 10-minute ferry ride from Aberdeen Jetty will lead you to your destination.

a view of the ross island beach

The Param Vir Chakra Memorial

This memorial, the first of its kind, can be found at the beautiful Marina Park. The Param Vir Chakra award is India’s highest honour for acts of heroism. This memorial is dedicated to Lieutenant Governor, Lt. Gen. A. K. Singh (Retd) for his bravery during the post-Independence era. The memorial represents the self-sacrifice and heroic actions of the lieutenant. The place also carries the details of 21 other awardees. It is 20 minutes away from Port Blair.

An aerial view of Chatham Island

Chatham Island

This island showcases a contrasting aura of the marks of its violent history and the peaceful presence of nature. The island is known for some of the most popular tourist attractions. One such includes Saw Mill, which was constructed by the British in 1883 that preserves the historic bomb crater used during wartime. Tourists and history fanatics should also visit the Forest Museum, built in 1990, which displays the forest wealth of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It gives an insight into the history of timber milling in the islands. It is a 24-minute drive from Port Blair.

Balidan Vedi - The State Martyrs' Memorial, Humfraygunj

During the turbulent times when the Japanese ruled the island, several Indian Islander locals were tortured and killed. The Japanese even abducted 44 Indian Independence League members from Cellular Jail and shot them dead. They were buried in an "L" shaped mass grave, and later on, a memorial was installed to commemorate the martyrs. This memorial is at Wandoor, which is accessible by road from Port Blair.

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