A Trip to Andaman Islands in June

Visiting Port Blair in June is the right way to go if you are on a budget or wish to see what monsoon looks like in the coastal areas. Emerald and grey hues take over the island once monsoon sets in the Andaman Islands in June. You may not be able to go diving and see coral reefs or head off into the ocean on a speedboat, but this is the perfect season to sit back and relax. Let the constant hum of raindrops lull you to a state of relaxation as the mighty waves of the Bay of Bengal crash on the shores of Port Blair.

Samudrika Marine Museum: Dive into the Marine World 

Rainy days in Port Blair are just as fun as the ones filled with sunshine. Head out to the Samudrika Marine Museum to begin your day. The museum offers you a chance to stay indoors given the erratic Port Blair weather in June. The museum has an extensive collection of artefacts, some of which include coral formations, exotic species of fish, and several models of ships. This museum offers you a chance to witness the marine life in the Andaman Islands without setting out into monsoon currents in the Bay of Bengal.

coral formation
rainbow on beach

Beach Photography at Corbyn's Beach

An Andaman trip in June remains incomplete without capturing the stunning views of the beach. Take a stroll at Corbyn's Beach near Port Blair and set out in search of interesting sea shells and unique pebbles that are guaranteed to be washed up on the shores after a heavy downpour. Ensure that you have your camera ready for beautiful snaps of the skyline bathed in hues of grey, orange and purple. If you are lucky you might chance upon a rainbow as well!

Feast on Local Delicacies 

Port Blair in June is filled with cool monsoon breeze and the weather is perfect for you to embark on a gastronomical adventure. Indulge in a variety of fish curries simmered in coconut and mustard gravies that will have your lips smacking. The creamy crab curries and fried squid are also some of the most sought-after seafood dishes in the Andaman Islands. Forget pakoda and chai; this monsoon, gorge on seafood instead!

fish curry

Monsoon can be a great time to cosy up and relax with a book, so do not forget to do that in the Andaman Islands in June. The best place to curl up while the monsoon is unleashed on the islands is at Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort and Spa. The resort is nestled amidst a reserve forest so you always have gorgeous views from your room. If you wish to set out on some other activities, we suggest going on a nature walk or birdwatching to make the best of your trip to Port Blair in June.