Elephant Beach: Havelock Island's Gem

Despite its name, Elephant Beach does not have any elephants roaming about today. The name comes from days gone by when elephants used to roam about in the vicinity. According to locals, there was also an elephant training camp on this island, but none are to be seen today. Do not be dismayed by this, because Elephant Beach Havelock is one of the gems of the Andaman Islands. Scores of people visit this beach every year for the stunning coral reefs, pristine white sand, and the numerous water activities that take place on this beach.

How to Reach Elephant Beach

There are two ways to travel to Elephant Beach from Havelock Island. You may take a boat to the beach, which should take around 30 minutes. Boats leave from Havelock jetty to Elephant Beach every day, but you will have to pre-book your seat a day earlier. Alternatively, you may choose to trek through nature for 2.5 km. The route starts from Radhanagar Beach and will take you through lush forests. It is recommended to avoid trekking to Elephant Beach if you plan to visit with children or the elderly since the terrain is uneven and challenging. Also, be prepared to trek back to Havelock Island since you will not be able to catch a boat from Elephant Beach.

bird's eye view of a beach
small fishes swimming near corals

Water Activities  

Elephant Beach Havelock activities are renowned throughout the Andaman Islands. The most popular one is snorkelling, where you can explore coral reefs and a wide range of marine life in the clear waters. Elephant Beach snorkelling is an activity that you cannot miss when you visit Havelock Island. If you would rather indulge in other activities at Elephant Beach, scuba diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, and glass-bottom boat rides are also available here.

Best Time to Visit Elephant Beach 

The best time to visit Elephant Beach is from November to February, as the weather is pleasant around this time with minimal rainfall. However, the clement weather makes it crowded around this time of the year. If you do not mind warm temperatures, March to May or September to October is also a good time for a visit to Elephant Beach. It is to be noted that the beach remains closed from June to August due to the monsoon season. This time is allotted for the island to recover from human touch and activities and replenish itself.

view of a lush island from a boat

Elephant Beach is a day-trip destination. You should aim to arrive at the beach by noon and leave by early evening. After you have spent a memorable day at Elephant Beach, Symphony Palms Beach Resort and Spa is the best place to rest and recuperate. Spend the rest of your evening at the resort indulging in refreshing beverages and star gazing at the beach once the sun sets. Retreat for the night in one of the luxurious rooms waiting just for you.