An Andaman Itinerary for 6 Days During Summer

beach on Andaman and Nicobar islands

Summer is the perfect time to plan a trip to the beautiful and alluring Andamans. The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprises a total of 572 islands in the Bay of Bengal. It has become a tourist hotspot, credit to the natural beauty, wildlife and unique experiences it offers to visitors. With vast stretches of sandy beaches, aqua blue ocean and enthralling underwater life, Andaman are definitely worth a visit. If you are planning a summer in Andamans for 6 days and do not know where to begin or which places to include, we have you covered.

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Day 1

After you reach Port Blair, check in at Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort & Spa which promises a delightful stay at the best family resort in Andaman. Once you have secured your luggage in your assigned room and are well-rested, visit the famous Chidiya Tapu Biological Park. This park was established in 2001 as an attempt to conserve and study the natural flora and fauna of the area, especially the endemic species that have been labelled endangered. It is an epicentre for biodiversity where one can catch a vivid glimpse of the eco-diversity of the islands. You can also visit the dazzling Munda Pahar Beach to catch a breathtaking sunset.

Sunset in the background with a ship in the ocean
Andaman Nicobar Islands

Day 2

Start your day early with a fulfilling breakfast before taking a ferry to Havelock Island. Check in to Symphony Palms Beach Resort & Spa and spend a leisurely time sunbathing at the resort’s private beach. In the evening, head over to Radhanagar Beach to witness a mesmerising sunset. The beach is famous for its white sand stretches which are kissed by the waves of the blue ocean. After the sunset, go kayaking at night in the mangroves to live out the enchanting natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, which was glorified in the blockbuster movie, Life of Pi!

Lightning in the background of a beach
A person scuba diving underwater

Day 3

You can dedicate the first half of the third day to experiment with different water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling at Elephant Beach. These two activities give you an opportunity to take a look at the underwater world closely. Glide through the deep waters as colourful fishes pass you by, and catch a glimpse of some uniquely patterned corals. After snorkelling and finishing lunch at the resort or one of the shacks, visit Kala Pathar Beach. The stunning beach with a long stretch of white sand reaching the horizon is truly a legendary sight!

Day 4

After an early morning breakfast, take a boat ride to Neil Island and check-in at Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort & Spa. The natural bridge formation, locally called ‘Howrah Bridge’ is just a few paces from our resort. Pay a visit to this natural wonder before indulging in an appetising lunch at any of the village restaurants. In the evening, catch yet another breathtaking sunset at Laxmanpur Beach. Retire for the day at our resort and unwind at our spa, or enjoy your favourite drink at the never-ending lagoon pool.

View of sunset in the background of leaves on water

Day 5

On the fifth day, head back to Port Blair and visit the signature landmarks of the area. One such is The Cellular Jail, which once served as a colonial prison for freedom fighters and political activists during India’s struggle for independence. Built in 1906, this jail is a reminder of the bravery and sacrifices of our heroes.

End your sightseeing activities with some shopping at the local markets where you will find several desirable memorabilia to commemorate your trip.

Day 6

As the final day arrives, it is time to pack the bags and bid adieu to the charming islands! Break your fast with a light meal and head to the airport at Port Blair.