A Honeymoon Trip to Andaman

a boat parked on the shore

Andaman is a wonderful location that features a number of scenic destinations, pearly beaches and vast swathes of nature that provide a treat to your senses. The picturesque views and the marvellous ambience serve as one of the ideal honeymoon places. Andaman Nicobar opens its door to couples who wish to enjoy the clement weather combined with the gentle breeze and the relaxing rhapsody of the ocean waves.

Andaman is known as the honeymoon paradise. Well-connected to major cities like Bangalore and Mumbai via popular airlines, the islands entice newlyweds and couples to celebrate love and each other’s company. So if you are planning to spend your honeymoon at a tranquil place, visit some of the quintessential places on your next couples trip to Andaman Nicobar.

Port Blair

Port Blair is known for its alluring rustic charm that reflects the aura of a bygone era. This venue features many structures that belong to the British Raj that offer a peek into the history of a pre-independent India. Couples on their honeymoon can visit picturesque destinations such as Ross Island, Chidiya Tapu, Wandoor Beach, which are some of the best Port Blair honeymoon places. Honeymooners can opt for a delightful stay at Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort And Spa, which proffers activities like bird watching, scuba diving, yoga and trekking. The resort can also curate a candlelight dinner for couples.

A couple dancing in front of the sunset
A view of Neil Island from the ocean

Neil Island

Neil Island is a magical destination located amidst Andaman Island that is home to a number of natural attractions. It features pristine beaches that are hidden gems known to fewer travellers. It is known for its spectacular sunrises and sunset views. An Andaman Nicobar trip for couples is incomplete without a visit to Neil Island where you can saunter by the beach and spend some quality time with your significant other. During your visit, stay at one of the best resorts - Symphony Summer Sand Beach Resort and Spa, which offers candlelight dinners and activities for couples like snorkelling and scuba diving.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is another mesmerizing destination in Andaman. It features exotic beaches that offer complete privacy to couples. They also have a number of water-based activities that are ideal for adventure enthusiasts. These virgin beaches offer seating areas where you can sit and soak in the serenity and the surrounding nature. For a restful sojourn, head over to Symphony Palms Beach Resort & Spa where you can engage in candlelight dinners, water sports or couples massages. So if you plan a trip to Andaman Island with your significant other, ensure that you add this island to your itinerary.

a calm seashore
Terrain of the island


Diglipur is celebrated for its enthralling nature that comes embellished with small streams, valleys, landscapes and more. Guests who take a honeymoon trip to Andaman can explore this offbeat destination that offers excellent views of Saddle Peak and the Arabian Sea. Since it is an unconventional location, it often gets overlooked by travellers. So do not miss a trip to this riveting landmark that serves as the ideal place to enjoy quality time with your partner.